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Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the photograph.
Prices below are for portraits painted from photographs ranging from a
simple subject with a simple background to a more complex subject with a
more complex background.

12 X 16           $500-$700

16 X 20           $600-$800

18 X 24           $700-$900

20 X 24           $800-$1000

24 X 36           $900-$1200

I am not limited to the dimensions above.  I am able to accommodate
different sizes and shapes of canvases upon request.  
The pricing may vary somewhat from above.

Prices do not include sales tax or shipping and handling.  
Currently accept cash, personal check or money order.
A 20% deposit is required upon initial order.
After your portrait is completed, a photo of your portrait will be e-mailed or mailed to you for your
approval.  Once you approve of the finished product, the remainder of the balance is due.  Once I
receive your balance, your portrait will be mailed without delay.

To order Cincinnati Scenes, Fine Art, or Extraordinary People paintings or

prints, or to schedule

The Mural Project, please phone or e-mail.

Contact Meg Robinson at (513) 259-4655
or e-mail
How to Order
To order paintings,
The Mural Project
or prints, please
phone or e-mail.
Pricing for Custom Orders
Meg Robinson

Please mail or e-mail your photographs with your request of size
promptly reply with a quoted price and estimated time of
Please be as specific as possible when sending a request to assist
with a more accurate initial quote.  

The clearer the photographs the more accurate the painting.   

I would be happy to discuss any ideas to create the exact portrait
you envision.

If you desire a combination of various photographs to be the
subject of the portrait and computer modification is required to
obtain the finished photograph an additional $50-$100 will be
added to the price of the finished portrait, depending on the
complexity of the modifications needed.  

Before I begin to paint your portrait, a finished photograph of the
portrait’s subject will be either mailed or e-mailed to meet with
your approval.  

Once I have  your approval, please allow 8-12 weeks for

--Meg Robinson
Custom Order Procedure
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